Piedrabuena Housing Development , Buenos Aires


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“...we refer to the study “Computed Tomography of Structural Elements in the Social Housing Piedrabuena”.  It has been very useful to check the existence and condition of anchorage holding the external panels to the main structure.  This non destructive diagnostic tool is important for rehabilitation of inhabited buildings since one can assess the condition of hidden elements without disturbing tenants routine.“


(Arq. Renee Dunowicz, Architectural School, University of Bs. As.)

“The method applied in this study helped confirm the presence of anchorage according to original specs. The analysis of the gammagraphies show a methodology useful to check deep reinforcement, honeycombing, cracks and discontinuities in the steel and concrete density”

(from evaluation report by National Institute of Industrial Technology)  

*Piedrabuena Housing Development has 2.100 apartments.  It was built in the 1970´s, in the south of Buenos Aires city.