Former Headquarter Building of Banco Español y Río de La Plata


The object of the work was to determine the existence of vertical iron profiles inside two columns, the one in Low Planta and other in the First Subusuelo.

Density of plate v.s. position of a cut throughout the center of gammagrafía 1. The measured values are indicated with squares. The solid line shows the awaited values approximately if there is no iron profile. The presence of an iron profile as the indicated one in Figure 2 would give rise to the results indicated in line of red points. The increase of intensity in the zone must to the effect "corner" that reduces the thickness of rubblework crossed by the radiation.


...I wish to stress the usefulness of these results with regard to the determination of the admissible load for such columns... the technique employed has made it possible to solve an important unknown in the calculations... Had it not been for this new technological development it would have been impossible to have such information.”

(Civil Eng. Oscar Rennella, with reference to the study carried out in the former headquarters of Banco Español y Río de la Plata of Buenos Aires City).

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