March, 2009

ASCP Conference in Lisbon

In collaboration with researchers at the University of Oporto a paper has been submitted to the…    

March, 2009

Successful THATIR test

THASA´s Real Time Tomograph (THATIR) was successfully applied to detect steel bars in the center of a 0.55 m (21.6 in) thick concrete sample

February, 2009

THASA new patent application

All claims in THASA´s new patent PCT International Application have been fully accepted and held patentable by the US Patent and Trademark Office ...

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We offer new and better non-destructive inspection services to the Construction Industry.


Our goals                                    

We develop and apply modern methods for the non-destructive inspection and diagnosis of reinforced concrete structures with unprecedented precision, cleanliness and convenience. 

Having been successful with the local Construction Industry, we now plan to expand the commercialization of our technology and our services to the international market.



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