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Bridge over the Riachuelo river on the Buenos Aires-La Plata highway

Study of cracks in the structure after the accidental fall of two large beams


Bridge over the Rio Primero river on route 19, Córdoba Province

Structural study for bridge alterations (widening)



Zarate Brazo Largo Bridge, information Buenos Aires Province

Detection of voids in ducts of large poststressed beams


Bridge over the Canal 15 channel, on route 11, Buenos Aires Province

Structural studies to allow extensions


Bridge over the Rio Segundo river on route 19, Córdoba Province

Control of beams, pillars and foundations



Bridge over a relieve channel of the Reconquista river, Buenos Aires Province

Structural studies of pillars, deck and foundations to plan bridge enlargement



Bridge over the River Neuquén joining Cipoletti and Neuquén cities, Neuquén Province

Maintenance and control of beams


Bridge over River Solis, Piriápolis,information Uruguay

Study of rebar locations in beam sectors next to pillars for determining best spots for drilling holes in order to place reinforcing transverse  bars