Rio Solis Bridge, Uruguay

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96 beam sectors were studied in this bridge as requested by Eng. R. Husni with the purpose of finding best places to drill 50 mm holes aligned in groups of 4.

The perforations were done in order to instal transversal bracing rods going through the four longitudinal beams on both sides of each pile.

A tomographic analysis is required to get a plane projection of the reinforcing bars. The diagram shows the locations of the gammagraphies corresponding to the sector of the first two piles.

The service provided by THASA was very successful and implied substantial savings in money terms and in irreparable damage.

“...the objective of identifying the optimum spots to drill 2” holes in the longitudinal beams of the bridge, with a minimum of interfering with the reinforcement, was achieved very satisfactorily by means of the reinforced concrete tomography technique... such a goal could not have been reached with any other technique that I know of and it is possible that this is pioneer work with regard to such an application of this technological development”.

(Civil Eng. Raul Husni, with reference to the study carried out in bridge over Río Solis in Uruguay)