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November 2015

Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) Web Manual  

The Federal Highway Administration of the US Department of Transportation published a handbook that summarizes the new non-destructive technologies for performance evaluation of bridges on its website. THASA was hired to draft a couple of chapters: Radiagraphy for Detecting Voids and Radiography for Profiling Tendons.


October 2015

Works published in the book Anales de la Sociedad Científica Argentina 

The Argentine Scientific Society published two works of THASA: Reinforced Concrete Tomography S.A. Part I Gammagraphic Method and Part II Gammametric Method. Volume 254 No. 2. Pages 19 to 32.


September 2015

Patent granted in Europe 

On September 9, 2015 the European Patent Office granted THASA’s patent identified by No. 2,081,496. THASA will apply for nationalizations of this patent in Germany, Great Britain and France.


October 2014

Seminar on FADU 

In the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism of the University of Buenos Aires a seminar on THA 3 was given for students and teachers of Structures 2 and 3.


September 2014

23° AIE Conference 

Presentation of the paper at the 23st Argentine Conference on Structural Engineering “THATIR inspection method for prestressing sheaths”.paper.


August 2014

ASNT Conference in Washington DC 

THASA presented the paper Determination of Grouting Defects in "Deep" PT Ducts Using Gamma Rays at the 2014 NDE / NDT for Highways and Bridges: Structural Materials Technology Conference of the American Society for Non-Destructive Testing held in Washington DC.


August 2014

Lectures given in California 

TASHA made presentations on their technology in California Caltrans’s officials (Department of Transportation of the State of California) and business professionals of MYERS & SONS.


June 2014

Argentine Conference on Forensic Engineering 

As part of the Argentine Conference on Forensic Engineering a lecture was given about THA and the use of gamma rays for nondestructive inspection of structures and monuments with emphasis on its applications.


March 2014

Patent granted in China 

On 5 March 2014 the Chinese Patent Office granted THASA the patent identified by No. 1,356,166.


November 2013

8th Meeting of ABENDIs Civil Construction Committee

THASA participated in this meeting via Skype on November 22. The discussion was about a draft for a manual on Integrity of PIT Foundations.  It was decided that there will be a discussion on the norm for Reinforced Concrete Tomography in Brazil at the next meeting in February 2014. 


November 2013

World Science Forum Conference

THASAs President, Dr. Mario Mariscotti was invited to give a presentation at the Academy and Enterprise session held in Rio de Janeiro on November 26.


October 2013

Invitation by the Florida Department of Transportation

THASA presented the results of its new THATIR technique to detect and measure defects in post tensioning ducts inside of large reinforced concrete elements. Present at the meeting were 13 specialists of the Department of Transportation, of Simpson, Gumpertz and Heger of Massachusetts, of the Federal Highway Administration of Washington DC and of the University of South Florida (in addition to Mario Mariscotti and Peter Thieberger of THASA).


October 2013

Technical visits to USF and Space Science Services

Mario  Mariscotti visited the research group led by Professor Alberto Sagues at the University of South Florida in Tampa . Discussions were held there on new advances that this laboratory is making in the nondestructive testing of external post tensioning ducts and on the possibilities of scientific collaboration with THASA to complement these techniques with methods based on the use of gamma radiation. Later a visit was paid to explore a possible cooperation agreement with a company called Space Science Services who do inspections using gamma rays.


October 2013

Job at Porto Alegre , Brazil

An important RCT inspection job in Porto Alegre was successfully completed with the help of Joaqun Boselli.


September 2013

Depth record in the detection of concrete reinforcements.

For the first time it was possible, by using THATIR, to determine the complete configuration of reinforcements located at a depth of one meter in a reinforced concrete structure without access from below.


September 2013

Visit by Professor Alberto Sagues

On September 18th Dr. Alberto Sagues, professor at the University of South Florida, visited THASA to discuss recent results of studies on defects in post tensioning ducts, voids and corrosion. Professor Sagues was in Buenos Aires to be incorporated as Corresponding Member of the National Engineering Academy .


August 2013

A THASA patent is highlighted by INPI

INPI, the National Institute of Industrial Property of Argentina published a book entitled Industrial Property and Development, the Key is in the Link. THASAs patent of 5 December 2007 is listed as one of the 12 most successful patents for the decade 2003-2013. At Tecnpolis, the great Buenos Aires exhibition on science, technology and art, this patent is displayed together with other five.


June 2013

Lecture at the Academia Nacional de Ciencias of Buenos Aires

On the 27th. at the invitation of this institution, Dr Mariscotti delivered a lecture entitled: Nuclear Physics in Civil Engineering; the case of Reinforced Concrete Tomography.


Year 2013

In this year we emphasize the expansion of our business in Brazil together with our partner, Arctest; THASAs contribution in providing reliable information for the many at risk balconies in the city of Buenos Aires; the extensive use of RCT for the inspection of bank treasuries, and the successful development of a modified THATIR technique for detecting defects in ducts for post tensioning following requests from US institutions.


December 2012

Lectures on RCT in Rio der Janeiro

Given on December 10 at the Clube de Engenharia, the 11th at the Facultade de Engenharia of Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and on the 12th at the Instituto de Engenharia Legal of Brazil.


December 2012 to May 2013

Contract with Simon, Gumpertz & Heger of Massachussets , U.S.A.

This large engineering corporation turned to THASA to investigate the possibility of finding filling defects in deep prestressed ducts. THASA developed a computer model and performed successful measurements on a specially fabricated sample with a modified version of their THATIR instrument. This success led to a contract with SGH for measurements on 6 samples with various types of simulated defects prepared by that company. It was shown that the THATIR satisfies the requirements for these inspections. The locations of the boundaries between grouts of different densities were measured with a 1 mm precision and the densities were determined to better than 10%.


December 2012

Teixeira Duarte performs RCT tests on large thickness samples

This Portuguese enterprise, associated with THASA since april 2011, acquired a cobalt source and fabricated 50 cm thick reinforced concrete blocks containing ducts for post tensioning with simulated defects. THASA visited their offices in Lisbon to train the personnel that will be in charge of the field work, and supervised the recording of gammagraphies of these samples. Following the completion of these tests THASA issued a technical report describing the results.


November 2012

Consagracin (public recognition) prize by the Sociedad Cientfica Argentina

Granted to THASAs President, Mario Mariscotti, for his technological contributions.


November 2012

Lecture on Gammagraphy in Civil Construction

THASA was invited to give this lecture by Eng. Humberto M. Balzamo of the Departamento de Materiales y Estructuras de la Facultad de Ingeniera of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). The lecture was delivered on Tuesday November 20, 2012 at the amphitheater 3 of that institution located at the corner of Pueyrredn y Las Heras.


October 2012

Consultation by Oderbrecht in Venezuela

At the invitation by Eng. Antonio Franca of that enterprise, Mario Mariscotti visited bridge III over the Orinoco River (under construction). The purpose of the visit was to discuss possible technological solutions for the inspection of the integrity of the jacketed piles. Later, based on these discussions, THASA developed a computer model for this case and presented a proposal based on the use of cobalt sources and scintillation detectors.


September 2012

Lectures given in Brazil

On the 27th, invited by the Instituto de Engenharia de Sao Paulo , Mario Mariscotti gave a lecture on Inspeo na construo civil TCA Tomografia de Concreto Armado (Inspection in civil construction RCT Reinforced Concrete Tomography). On the 28th Dr. Mariscotti gave a talk at the Comisso Nacional de Energia Nuclear at their headquarters in Rio de Janeiro as a complement to his presentation at that institution in August.


August 2012

Framework agreement signed for collaboration with INVAP

This agreement stipulates that INVAP can entrust THASA with the study and solution of certain problems for which THASAs competencies are appropriate. It also stipulates that both companies jointly can carry out service contracts utilizing THASAs technology.


August 2012

Training course for ARCTEST personnel

Marcelo Ruffolo of THASA gave a training course at Paulinas, Brazil , for the ARCTEST personnel in charge of the field work. About 15 persons participated. This two day course ended with individual evaluations leading to habilitation for conducting field work for those who passed the exam.


August 2012

Working meetings in Brazil

Mario Mariscotti traveled to Brazil in August to hold several meetings with the purpose of consolidating THASAs presence together with ARCTEST, THASAs partner in that country. One of the meetings was in the Rio offices of the National Nuclear Energy Commission to discuss the implications and required authorizations to perform RCT jobs in outdoor public areas. During that occasion, Mario Mariscotti gave a talk emphasizing the radiological safety aspects related to RCT applications. Then there were two workshops held for senior Arctest members at their headquarters in Paulinas. The main purpose was to explain and discuss commercial and technical aspects of the RCT. There were also meetings with civil engineer Francisco Rodriguez Andriolo at San Carlos and in Sao Paulo with Engineer Cabral and at ABENDI office (the Brazilian Nondestructive Testing Society).THASA became a member of this Society.


July 2012

Invitation by INVAP

During a three day visit to this high technology company in Bariloche , Argentina we held meetings with various groups of researchers to identify possible areas of cooperation such as neutrography, detection systems and quality control of reinforce concrete and other materials.


July 2012

Patent granted in Mexico  

On August 30, 2012 the Instituto Mexicano de la Propiedad Industrial  granted THASA the patent identified by No. 302854.


June 2012

Lecture on Tomography at the  Rosario University

Mario Mariscotti was named official visitor (resolution 542/2012) by the School of Sciences , Engineering and Surveying of the National University of Rosario, Argentina when he gave a lecture on Repair and Renovation of Structures for students specializing in structural engineering.  


May 2012

First inspection job in Brazil

The first Reinforced Concrete Tomography (RCT) inspection under the THASA-ARCTEST agreement was carried out at a commercial center in the state of So Paulo.  The field work for this contract was supervised and assisted by THASAs Joaqun Boselli.


April 2012

Lectures on Reinforced Concrete Tomography

THASA gave a course on this subject at the Jorge Sciammarella auditorium of the Consejo Profesional de Ingeniera Civil of Argentina on May 8 and 18.


April 2012

Collaboration agreement with ARCTEST, Brazil

A collaboration agreement was signed with the ARCTEST Corporation of Sao Paulo on April 20. According to this agreement, ARCTEST is in charge of performing the reinforced concrete tomography field work for these inspection services in Brazil . THASA is responsible for the data analysis to produce the tomographies and for the preparation of the technical reports.


April 2012

Patent granted in Japan

The Japan Patent Office granted THASA the patent 4969656 on April 12. The expiration date of this patent is October 31, 2027.


November 2011

Honoris Causa Doctorate

THASAs president, Dr. Mario Mariscotti received the title of Doctor Honoris Causa from the Universidad Nacional de San Martn, Buenos Aires , Argentina .


November 2011

Patent granted in U.S.A.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office granted THASA patent US 8,064,571 B on November 22, 2011. The authors of this patent are P. Thieberger, M. Mariscotti, M. Ruffolo and T. Frigerio.


July 2011

First RCT inspection job in Chile

In the framework of a collaboration agreement with Instituto de Investigaciones y Ensayos de materiales (IDIEM) of University of Chile to apply THASA technology in Chile, a service job was carried out in a mine near the northern city of Iquique. This work entailed the study of anchorage elements holding rails under several reinforced concrete floors in Compaa Minera Doa Ins Collahuasi.


April 2011 

Cooperation agreement with TEIXEIRA DUARTE

THASA signed a cooperation agreement with TEIXEIRA DUARTE, by which TEIXEIRA DUARTE assumes the execution of the field jobs as part of the full Reinforced Concrete Tomography services carried out in Portugal, Spain, Angola, Mozambique and Algeria with exclusivity and in Brazil without exclusivity. THASA keeps the responsibility for data analysis, tomographic results and issuing the respective Technical Reports.


June, 2010

Reabilitar Conference 2010, Lisboa, Portugal 

THASA  participated in Reabilitar Conference 2010 held in Lisboa, Portugal, on  June 23 to 25. The paper entitled Desenvolvimento e aplicaao da tomografia por raios gama na inspecao de estruturas de engenharia civil, is coauthored by Mrio Pimentel and Joaquim Figueiras from School of Engineering, University of Oporto, Department of Civil Engineering, LABEST, Porto and Mario Mariscotti, Peter Thieberger, Teresita Frigerio and Marcelo Ruffolo of THASA,  and describes the development and application of RCT in civil engineering structures.


June, 2010

Paper accepted for oral presentation Edinburgh Conference 2010

THASA participated in Structural Faults & Repair-2010 Conference  held in Edinburgh, United Kingdom on  June 15 to 20. The paper entitled Gamma-ray inspection of post tensioning cables in a concrete bridge is coauthored by Mrio Pimentel and Joaquim Figueiras from School of Engineering, University of Oporto, Department of Civil Engineering, LABEST, Porto and Mario Mariscotti, Peter Thieberger, Teresita Frigerio and Marcelo Ruffolo of THASA, and presents the application of RCT in the non-destructive evaluation of condition and internal distribution of post-tensioned girders in N. S. da Guia bridge, Portugal.


May, 2010

THASA in Chile

As member of the commercial mission organized by the Ministry of Foreign Relations of Argentina, THASA held a number of meetings with businessmen and entities of Chile.  Much interest was consistently expressed in the application of the RCT method in connection with the damage suffered during the recent earthquakes . As a result THASA is currently holding discussions with some local organizations aimed at providing services taking advantage of THASA s technology in Chile.


November, 2009

Article published in Concrete International  

The article entitled Gamma-Ray Imaging for Void and Corrosion Assessment was published in Concrete International, November 2009, Vol. 31 No. 11 pp. 48-53. The article is Coauthored by Mario Mariscotti of THASA, Frank Jalinoos of the Federal Highway Administration, Teresita Frigerio, Marcelo Ruffolo and Peter Thieberger also of THASA, and presents a description of THASA technology and its utility in the specific case of void and corrosion detection in post-tensioned girders. The electronic (PDF) version of this article is available for purchase and download in the magazine web page an includes additional information of an application case.


March 12, 2009

ASCP Conference in Lisboa  

In collaboration with researchers at the University of Oporto a paper has been submitted to the ASCP09 1st Congress on Bridge Safety and Conservation ASCP to be held in Lisbon on next July 2 and 3. The paper entitled  Non destructive inspection of pre-stressed ducts and cables in N.S. da Guia Bridge using gamma-ray tomography is coauthored by Mrio Pimentel and Joaquim Figueiras from School of Engineering, University of Oporto, Department of Civil Engineering, LABEST, Porto and Mario Mariscotti of THASA, and presents results of extended studies carried out in the above mentioned bridge, including THASAs Reinforced Concrete Tomography (RCT) technique for inspection of its pre-stressed girders.


March, 2009

THATIR test successful 

THASAs Real Time Tomograph (THATIR) was successfully applied to detect steel bars in the center of a 0.55 m (21.6 in) thick concrete sample (density 2000 Kg/m3,125 lb/ft3) with a low intensity Ir source (16 Ci). It is known that in conventional industrial radiography which captures data on photographic or digital plates, Ir sources cannot be used for inspecting concrete pieces thicker than about 0.3 m (1 ft).  Instead of photographic plates, THATIR uses a highly efficient gamma-ray spectrometer capable of both detecting very low gamma fluxes and filtering most of the unwanted scattered radiation.  These measurements were prompted by a customer need for precisely locating pre-stressed ducts in 0.46 m (18 in) thick girders.

February, 2009

THASA new patent application  

All claims in THASAs new patent PCT International Application have been fully accepted and held patentable by the US Patent and Trademark Office.  This patent involves 21 claims which cover all aspects of the last generation gammagraphy tomograph developed by THASA.  The system includes features that provide improved precision for the 3D reconstruction analysis of steel bars in reinforced concrete as well as better image quality.

October, 2008

Reinforced Concrete Tomography tested in Portugal 

The condition of ducts in pre-stressed girders was studied with gamma rays in the bridge N. S. da Guia next to the town of Ponte da Lima in Portugal. The work was carried out in collaboration with a group from the University of Oporto lead by Profs. Joaqum Figueiras and Mario Pimentel. Gammagraphies were obtained in different locations of the bridge floor and web with the main objective of inspecting the ducts in these locations.  A relatively low intensity Ir source (20 Ci) was used in conjunction with THASA equipment. A special tool was designed and constructed to position the source below the bridge floor using previously made holes, thus avoiding expensive scaffoldings either hanging from the bridge or sitting on the river bed below the bridge.  The result was a successful non-destructive test, clearly showing the current condition of the ducts.  


September, 2008

ASNT Oakland Conference

THASA presented detailed results of void detection in pre-stressed girders. These were results obtained earlier at the Zarate Brazo Largo Bridge in Argentina. The measurements were carried out in one of the large girders in this bridge with a Ir source.  As a result several locations with defective grouting were identified. The analysis of the most severe of these cases was discussed in detail in the presentation, showing that, in addition to the tomographic results (position and size of ducts, cables and rebars) it is also possible to obtain precise information on the extension of the voids and corrosion, from these gammagraphies. The talk resulted in a number of focused and relevant questions from the audience, indicating that the detection of defects in PT girders is an important cause of current concern worldwide.


June 10, 2008

Edinburgh Conference

The paper presented by THASA was recognized as one of the three best in the NDT area.  This paper includes results from four different customer projects: 1) Zarate Brazo Large Bridge (which elicited the invitation to present a paper at the ASNT Conference in Oakland see previous item); 2) Underwater studies carried out in Ushuaia Harbor (Tierra del Fuego); 3) Detection of termite produced voids in wooden beams in a historical Jesuit chapel in Crdoba, built in 1660 and declared by UNESCO patrimony of mankind.  This work is the first application of gamma rays to a hitherto untapped area in the NDT field; and 4) Results from a test done in the UK in collaboration with Atkins Engineering of Birmingham for the Highways Agency proved the ability of THASA techniques to detect corrosion in dowel and scissor bars in hinges of bridge decks.



November 2015