Who we are       


Tomografía de Hormigón Armado S.A. (THASA) is a company started in 1992 in Argentina by scientists and engineers to develop and apply novel,  non-destructive structural inspection techniques, improving very substantially the quality and usefulness of the information and, at the same time, minimizing costs, delays and disruption.


Main Partners   

Mario A. J. Mariscotti, is Professor of Nuclear Physics at Buenos Aires University and has been a visiting scientist in New York, Manchester, Julich and Grenoble. He is a former President of the Argentine National Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural Science. Currently President of the Board.

Peter Thieberger, is a Senior Physicist at Brookhaven National Laboratory (USA) and former head of the Tandem Accelerator. He is internationally known for his contributions in nuclear spectroscopy and instrumentation and electrostatic accelerators development.

Miguel E. Sanguinetti, lawyer, presided Thasa between 1992 and 2010. He has extensive experience as legal advisor of several corporations and national and international institutions. Has also been legal advisor at the Ministries of Public Works and Economy of Argentina.


Mr. Marcelo Ruffolo,  Technical Manager

Prof. Teresita Frigerio, Software Development

Mr. Joaquin Boselli, Industrial radiographer

Mr. Lucas Vernengo, Assistant

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